Wellness Is My Choice & Acupuncture Is My Style

You owe it to yourself to try it. Life moves so fast and takes so much. Acupuncture is a great way to give back to yourself and find balance.

– Abby Miller, Owner of Des Moines Acupuncture

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What our clients have to say

I have had chronic (ongoing) muscular pain and back curvature for years. Acupuncture with Abby has been an important part of my overall health plan. When I started I had significant pain all the time and spent evenings and weekends in bed. I had back surgery 2 years ago and at first I needed a walker, than a cane and am now able to walk without the cane most of the time. Abby helped to balance my muscle tightness and diminish my pain so that I can make continued progress toward walking long distances independently. Acupuncture with Abby made my summer vacation in Switzerland possible. I’m a true believer in the benefits of acupuncture. 
Female, age 58
We have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years.  I wanted to try an integrative approach.  Everyone I asked said, go see "Abby!" We are now pregnant with our 1st child. 
Female age 32
Since I began receiving Acupuncture treatments the quality of my life has definitely improved. I feel more in control, better able to do things that are important to me and I take better care of myself. It has allowed me the freedom to try things I would not have tried before such as Pilates, paying to work with a personal trainer and experiencing massage therapy. Acupuncture addresses me as a whole and has made me a stronger person. I am so glad that I set my fears aside and allowed this treatment to become a part of my life. 
Female, age 49