Wellness Is My Choice & Acupuncture Is My Style

You owe it to yourself to try it. Life moves so fast and takes so much. Acupuncture is a great way to give back to yourself and find balance.

– Abby Miller, Owner of Des Moines Acupuncture

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What our clients have to say

How does Acupuncture affect the quality of your life? I used to love swimming with the kids but because my sinuses hurt so bad out of the water, you can only imagine the pain of the added water pressure.! I ended up just floating around for the past 5 years. Not much fun to kids. Well I just hopped out of the pool after spending hours underwater with the kids diving for stuff...13 feet below. It's amazing, thank you so so so much. I still don't get how it works, but after everything I've gone through...it's a miracle. 
Female, age 40
I haven’t had such an amazing week in 10 YEARS! My sinus pain and pressure were virtually gone. I actually had a runny nose.I haven’t had that for ten plus years. I wish I did this before I had sinus surgery.
Female, age 40
Acupuncture clears out the “cobwebs.” I think better, I feel better and I have more energy!
Female, age 39