Wellness Is My Choice & Acupuncture Is My Style

You owe it to yourself to try it. Life moves so fast and takes so much. Acupuncture is a great way to give back to yourself and find balance.

– Abby Miller, Owner of Des Moines Acupuncture

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What our clients have to say

You are so full of positive energy it bubbles over!Thank you for caring for me as you do. You make me feel very special and nurtured every time I'm in your office.
Female, 54
My first experience - my tennis elbow was “killing me.” I was thinking of more shots or surgery. I left the office pain free. Now on the rare occasion my elbow flares up, a simple stretching exercise is all it takes for it to be pain free.
Female, age 58
I have less chronic pain and less depression/anxiety. I have a greater sense of well-being! I am sleeping now! I don’t have migraines anymore. I have started losing weight. My neck and shoulders do not hurt like they used to. It just helps every part of my life and well being. My acupuncture session is the highlight of my week.
Female, age 55