The skin, our largest organ and Acne.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My name is Susan and I’ve been a patient at Des Moines acupuncture Clinic for 3 months. My main concern was cystic acne. Here is my story.

I started noticing my acne around the time of puberty. I thought it was completely normal considering my body was changing. As time went on it never got better. Fifteen years later at the age of 30, I still had acne. I had no idea why!

I went to a dozen different Doctors and Dermatologists. They gave me lotions, topical creams, and cleansers. Nothing seemed to get my skin completely clear. After years of antibiotics prescribed for the acne, my digestion was now messed up. So I decided it was time to look for a different approach.

Hello, Chinese Medicine! After a few months of treatment, my face has never looked better. No creams, no lotions, no antibiotics! I finally learned why I developed acne. Abby taught me how Chinese Medicine approaches skin conditions. Thank you, Des Moines Acupuncture.


ACNE ...What leads to acne? The lungs govern the skins function. The liver eliminates accumulated toxins in the fatty tissue via the skin. This often occurs on face and back.

HOT ABOVE/ COLD BELOW?  The “heat” (inflammation and toxicity) rises to the surface of the body, aggravating the skin. Simultaneously, “cold” “sinks” into the lower organ systems like the Large and Small intestine, Kidneys, Urinary Bladder and others.  This explains why many acne suffers have impaired digestive function.

TREATMENT?  The key to success in treating these problems lies in addressing the underlying issue.  In addition to Acupuncture/or Chinese Herbal Medicine,  results can be speeded up by reducing or eliminating the intake or caffeine, dairy, deep-fried foods, sugar, preservatives in food, chemicals in food, raw vegetables, and municipal tap water (contains chlorine and fluoride).

Given that one of the liver’s 600 functions is to purify the bloodstream reducing/eliminating the intake of toxic chemicals it is a very important organ.

Also,  it's important to exercise vigorously (to the point of perspiration) for at least 30 minutes four times weekly, thus increasing liver circulation, soothing the liver which allows the body to detoxify most effectively.

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