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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Number one question I get when I tell people I work at an Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture clinic is “does it really work?” I can easily explain to them what it is, how it works, what it can help, and what I have seen. Ultimately, all people want is to hear my personal experience. So here it is…

I have witnessed many incredible things here at Des Moines Acupuncture Clinic. Personally, I have experienced what acupuncture can do in the following ways.

The first time Abby performed a treatment on me, I was scared, excited, and a “what just happened” feeling. I have always been one who is cold all the time, a little anxious, and bruise easily. And at that time, I was a little stressed. As I laid on the treatment table, Abby explained to me what my tongue and pulse told her. She said my liver wasn’t functioning as well as it could be, and my circulation was not optimal which explained why I was cold all the time. It amazed me that she knew what was going on in my body just by looking at my tongue and feeling my pulse. 

Before I knew it, I had about 8 needles in me. I didn't even feel them! As I laid there with the needles retained, I started to feel relaxed, a nice full body tingling sensation, and all over warmth.

I was a surprised how quickly I responded to the treatment. How did I know I was responding? I started falling asleep. I’m someone who has a hard time falling asleep and for me to do it at work was crazy!

About 35 minutes later, Abby came in and checked my tongue and pulse again. She said my circulation responded well. I was so happy to feel warm, relaxed, and energized.

Another treatment I want to share is when I twisted my ankle on a Friday. Probably one of the most painful experiences of my life. My ankle was swollen and most of it bruised. It was so big that I couldn’t put any shoes on. I could barely walk. I was the weekend couch potato until I came to work on Monday.

I made it to work, driving with one foot. I asked Abby if she had a miracle treatment for my ankle. She laughed. I laughed. And then I said, "seriously, I can't move it."

Abby put me on the table and said my ankle was really pissed off and putting needles into my ankle was not an option. My heart sank. I just wanted my ankle back. As my eyes began to swell with tears, she paused for a moment.  She then said, "I will have to use your hand to treat your ankle. Say what?

Immediately after the first treatment, I could put a shoe on.  Even better, I didn’t have to use a wall to help me walk anymore.

It takes most people weeks or months to heal. It took less than a week for me to gain back full range of motion, have zero pain and enjoy my running routine. A total of 3 treatments. Do I believe in Acupuncture miracles, you bet I do!

Although I still don’t understand how the hand treats the ankle, Abby does, and that’s good enough or me. She has earned my trust. Interestingly, all that "I need to know how it works before I try it" isn't even needed for Acupuncture to work.

I wish I had before and after pictures. I was truly amazed at how quickly my ankle healed. When someone asks me if Abby is an expert, or if Acupuncture works, without hesitation, I tell them YES!


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