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Is Chinese Medicine For Me?

You can always come in for treatments just to relax. Acupuncture offers "lovely and delicious" mini mind-body retreats.

Your recovery, regardless of condition type, will depend on many individual/personal factors, and we will do our best to identify the areas that are important to your health and well-being. Treatments are spaced differently depending on how long the patient is undergoing treatment.

The first few weeks or the first month of the course may be every-other-day to twice a week.

After the first month of treatments, you will be asked to come once a week for 4 weeks. 

Finally, the home stretch looks like treatment every other week for 8 weeks. Or something along these lines.

The experts at Des Moines Acupuncture Clinic belive Chinese Medicine is for those who are:

  1. At leasat 80% human 
  2. Someone who deserves more joy and less pain
  3. Ready to stop being hard on yourself and start feeling better
  4. Committed to a natural choice without negative side effects
  5. Looking for a gentle therapeutic experience that is both healing and relaxing
  6. Ready to invest in their health

The Treatment Questions.

An ailment you’ve had for years requires months of treatment.

An ailment you’ve had for months requires weeks.

An ailment you’ve had for weeks requires days of treatment.

Why? We are achieving results for the patient and their interval of relief is getting longer as they move through the course of treatment.

 An ailment you’ve had for years requires months of treatment.

An ailment you’ve had for months requires weeks. 

An ailment you’ve had for weeks requires days of treatment.

Why? We are achieving results for the patient and their interval of relief is getting longer as they move through the course of treatment.

You may or not feel a little pinch that dissipates quickly.  Our patients typically report that they do not notice the needles going in, instead, they are often more aware of the immediate relaxation felt after they are inserted.

"Initial/First Treatment"

We ask that you reserve up to two hours of your day. We use a timeline based investigative approach. We ask questions from birth to now as we are on a fact finding mission!  Ninety five percent of patients will receive a treatment their first visit.

"Follow Through"

Treatment sessions can last anywhere between 25-45 minutes. It depends on what your health concern is and where you are in your course of treatment.

Everyone Should Ask These Questions.

Our Integrative Oriental Chinese Medicine Clinic Offers:

A choice to work with your own body.  It addresses ailments like insomnia, back pain, migraines, and digestion.

A holistic medicine that improves your circulation and mood.

A reset button to help you stop running on adrenaline and taxing your organ systems (which is why you're so dang tired, by the way).

A cozy-nap infused experience inside our warm spa-like environment.

All fancy words aside, acupuncture can balance your yin and your yang so you can feel more complete, like the whole you. The real you, baby!

Guarantees. We, like life, don't offer those, except to say that you're likely to like your results better, a whole lot better, if you show up with some regularity. 

How often should you get acupuncture?  Often enough so that "relief replaces pain" between each treatment.  

Less frequent treatments may still be beneficial but can lead to a longer course of healing. We treat many people who travel often for work, as well as those who travel as a way of life. We can work together to build a plan that syncs with your schedule.

Your body tries to heal itself every day. It's called homeostasis. Acupuncture stimulates the process of self healing in a directed way through the insertion of needles. This has been proven for 3000 years, over and over again.

Can you help me?

I am suffering.

I am desperate.

I have been everywhere.

I have "$30K in medical bills over the last two years" and I still have pain.

Do Acupuncturists "stick pins in you?"

I can't function at work.

I will have to go on disability if I can't get my migraines under control.

We have success with the following health concerns:

Infertility + Allergies + Sinusitis
Migraines + Back Pain + Fatigue + PMS + Menapause
Digestive Disorders + Chemo/Radiation Side Effects
Knee & Shoulder Pain with Osteoarthritis + Auto Immune Conditions
Anxiety/Depression + Neurological/Brain/MS
Disorders of the Eye + Stroke Rehabilitation

We are Nationally Board Certified by the NCCAOM and Iowa State Board Certified by the Iowa Board of Medicine. We attained Masters Degree level for Master Of Science Of Oriental Medicine. This was 3 years, full time schooling. The state of Iowa will allow the designation of Licensed Acupuncturist or L.Ac. to those who have achieved the highest level of this medicine.

We are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the cornerstone of information coming from Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis Methods. If you are receiveing Acupuncture without showing your Tongue or having your Pulse read, you are not receiving the full benefits of  many Oriental and Traditional Chinese Medicine styles. The purpose of any Oriental Medicine style is to prevent the body from hosting and developing.


We are proficient in the the following Oriental Medicine Styles:

Dr Tan Balance Method + Master Tung Ching-Chang Style + M-Test Method by Dr. Mukaino Yoshito

Integrative Dry Needling by Dr. Ma + Kototama Life Medicine

Classical Japanese Acupuncture + Traditional Chinese Medicine + Cupping + Gwa Sha

This is an easy one!  Everyones experience is different. Some like to "sleep for days" and others have enough energy to tackle that "closet" that they have been ignoring for years. Some experience a "state of bliss,"  like this new patient after her first session.

"Please tell me this feeling never ends. I am in deep relaxation. I've never quite felt like this before. I think some call this heaven? I feel like everything is in slow motion-ish and I could care less about anything. Please say this lasts forever."

Response #1)

We wholeheartedly believe in our approach. It's deep, expansive and voluminous. We focus on the vast set of your life events, symptoms being expressed (the ones that are negativly affecting your life) and human physiology, which is at the core of many disease patterns. Many people who call our office are doing many good things for themselves, just in the wrong order.  Similar to building a house. You grade the land, pour foundation and then begin framing. Most people have windows, doors and kitchen sinks, but no foundation to attach them too. We know it's frustrating. We have been there too.

The more complex the case the more we have learned. We research, ask colleauges, and collaborate with other health care providers. We accept these cases to grow our passion for knowledge and therefore, benefit the patient.

Response #2)

It's true, we don't satisfy everyone. However, we do our best to capture your health, figure out why you are having issues and then make lifestyle/nutrition/nutrient suggestions.

We belive expertise is "a point in a continuum on one's journey from novice to wisdom."

Of course, we can tell you about our extensive post graduate training skills, years of hands on practical yet deliberate expereince, and numerous patient testimonials which speak for themselves. However, we thought it would be a good idea to address those who are still skeptical. We believe the "miracles" that happen in our clinic every day, are because of how we view expertise as a bigger holistic picture. 

"Experts don’t apply rules, or uses any maxims or guidelines. They rather have an intuitive grasp of situations based on their deep tacit understanding. One key aspect of this level is that individual relies on intuition and analytical approach is used only in new situations or unrecognized problems not earlier experienced. Experience based deep understanding provides them a very fluid performance. At this stage skills becomes automatic that even expert is not aware of it. Based on prior experience, they can even come up with solution for new never experienced before situations. "Experts" adopt a contextual approach to problem solving and understand the relative, non-absolute nature of knowledge. This ability distinguishes the "expert" from the "proficient" practitioner. Reflection comes naturally and experts solve problems almost unconsciously." The Dreyfus Model