Have you ever been using a hair product (or any other personal care item) and thought to yourself "I wonder what kind of chemicals I am covering my body with?" Well I did, and I found myself on google looking for a simple natural dry shampoo recipe and simple is what I found! I actually even found that I had all the ingredients (1-3 ingredients depending on hair color) in my kitchen. 
This recipe calls for:
  1. Arrowroot powder (or cornstarch, whatever you have or prefer) 
  2. Cacao powder for dark hair
  3. 5 drops of essential oil for scent (optional)
This mixture (or one ingredient if you are blonde like me) works like a dream. No need to put harsh chemicals on your hair just because you want to go an extra day without shampooing. Another secret I have for you is that arrowroot powder works as an amazing mineral veil/oil absorber if you have oily skin. Just brush on the arrowroot powder or cornstarch with a makeup brush on your face after applying your make up as normal and your skin will stay matted and oil free for the day!