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Monday, January 30, 2017

A patients story:
I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder shortly after I graduated college. Once I entered the workforce, I started having horrible panic attacks and generalized anxiety all day, every day. I started seeing a psychiatrist once a month and was prescribed Xanax for the anxiety. At my worst, I was taking up to 2.5mg of Xanax a day to feel “normal.”

Truth be told I was not healthy. I ate at Taco Bell drank pop at least three times a week. I didn’t like how water had “no taste.” I hated cooking. Pizza and McDonalds snack wraps were my best friends. I did go to yoga, but I had to take a Xanax before I went.

After 5 years of this emotional torment, a co-worker suggested to see Abby for acupuncture. I made the changes she suggested. I was determined to build a new life. I wanted to take on a less stressful job, eliminate bad friends, and remove other toxic influences that was contributing to my anxiety. I even stopped taking Xanax before yoga.

After 8 month’s, I’m medication and anxiety-free. I no longer live every day on the verge of flight or fight. There’s no knot in my stomach. My emotions now include happiness.

What leads to Anxiety?

There is a direct link between emotions and organ systems. The heart is known as the “King of Emotions.” An imbalance in heart function can cause anxiety and panic attacks. You can see the correlation clearly when one has a panic attack it is often accompanied by an intense perceptible heartbeat (palpations).

A useful analogy is if the lymphatic system could be likened to the alley behind a city home where debris is removed, whereas the circulatory system could be likened to the street in front of the house through which groceries and other needed items enter.

The Spleen fights pathogens that penetrate deeper into the body and destroys pathogens in the blood stream to prevent internal allergies

Treatment… The key to success in treating these problems lies in addressing the underlying issue. In addition to Acupuncture/or Chinese Herbal Medicine results can be speeded up by reducing or eliminating the intake of caffeine, dairy, deep-fried foods, sugar, preservatives in food, chemicals in food, raw vegetables, and municipal tap water (contains chlorine and fluoride).

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