4 Effective Movements for CoVid Recovery

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Monday, November 2, 2020

These are simple and effective movements to aid your recovery. Some of these movements will compress or release compression. Hold all movements for 3 to 5 full breaths (or up to 2-3 minutes). The exercise links contain simple video instruction. 


A meridian is an energy ‘highway’ in the body. Energy flows through meridians to affect/correspond to different organs. We have included general symptom relief associated with each of the below meridians. When possible we have also added acupressure suggestions. 



Lungs: improve Respiratory/Oxygen, lessen coughing (may increase at first w movement, but will lessen over time), help lessen feeling of being too warm. 


Breathing exercise: Abby’s Mindful Breath blog post: https://desmoinesacupunctureworks.com/blog/mindful-breathing/


The Lung is considered very closely connected to immunity and is the most vulnerable organ. 


ACUPRESSURE LOCATION: These two points are located at the top of the chest in the small groove below the intersection of the collarbone and the shoulder on either side of the upper chest. If you trace your finger along and below the collarbone starting at the centre and going outwards, you will reach a hollow near the end of the collarbone called the "delto-pectoral triangle" where the points are located. Press/rub the acupressure area/point for 30 seconds.



San Jiao: helps with spleen and stomach, lymphatic=takes the trash out (triple energizer), overcome fatigue. Help with fluid retention and sinus issues (stuffy nose)


EXERCISE: Child’s pose with twist https://jenniferraye.com/blog/childsposewithtwist


ACUPRESSURE LOCATION: This point is located on the inner side of the leg. Measure 4 finger widths directly above the inner ankle. The point is located on the inside of the bone (the medial crest of the tibia). Most people find a small depression or a place near this area that feels a little more sensitive. Press/rub the acupressure area/point for 30 seconds.


Heart: circulation, pericardium to protect heart, lessen palpitations as symptom experienced from virus 


EXERCISE: Melting Heart Pose https://jenniferraye.com/blog/melting-heart


ACUPRESSURE LOCATION: Located on the center of the inside of the wrist, two thumb widths up the arm away from the wrist crease.  Press/rub the acupressure area/point for 30 seconds.



Small Intestine: Detoxification 

Also the melting heart pose (above)

ACUPRESSURE LOCATION: Located on the posterior side of the shoulder. One thumb width above the axillary crease (armpit crease).  Press/rub the acupressure area/point for 30 seconds.



Brain/Kidney: overcome weakness and fatigue. help with changes in taste and smell. 

EXERCISE: https://jenniferraye.com/blog/caterpillar-pose

Done with straight legs this exercise will stretch your hamstrings 


Large Intestine: digestion issues (ex: diarrhea) 

Take into consideration we are going into colder seasons. The Large Intestine is important this time of year and adding fiber is helpful for the colon. You might try adding cooked apples in the morning to your diet. 


EXERCISE: Wind Relieving Pose: https://jenniferraye.com/blog/yin-yoga-twist


For resource used and more information on acupressure for these meridians visit https://jenniferraye.com/blog/acupressureforyinyoga

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