Pregnancy & Fertility

Des Moines Acupuncture has helped over 500 women and their families to conceive and have healthy full-term pregnancies and a happy post partum life.

We are here for you and your partner throughout your entire journey. We treat men and women trying to conceive, support mom and baby during pregnancy, and provide postpartum care to women following birth.

Commonly,  infertility brings with it many real or potential losses: the loss of self-esteem, the loss of a dream, the loss of close relationships, financial losses, and the loss of a sense of self as a healthy sexual being. Depression, anxiety, anger, and guilt are common responses to infertility. We support you through the entire journey.


Acupuncture Reduces Risk of Failing Fertility Treatments

Acupuncture can help you with your dreams of having a happy healthy family.

Acupuncture increases fertility rates by reducing stress, increasing blood flow to reproductive organs, and creating a stronger chance for an egg to be fertilized and carried to term.

Acupuncture Improves Fertility in a Number of Ways

Reduces Stress

Stress is a key factor in fertility for both men and women. When you are stressed, your brain releases cortisol throughout your body. This causes your hormone levels to fluctuate and disrupts your pituitary gland balance, which is key to a successful reproductive cycle.  Trying to get pregnant can be an emotional time for you and your partner. Simply reducing your stress levels with relaxation techniques, mindful breathing, and acupuncture can increase your odds of not only getting pregnant but staying pregnant and having a healthy baby. Acupuncture can help women and men issues with conception. 

Regulates your Cycle

Acupuncture can help regulate your menstrual cycle, which is a key component to conception. Acupuncture helps open up the pathways to the brain, which will help your body release proper hormones at the right time. One of the main causes of infertility in women is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This disease disrupts the normal menstrual cycle which results in infertility and early miscarriage. Studies show acupuncture is just as effective as commonly used medications to induce ovulation. We also focus on mild hormonal imbalances that could be impacting fertility and issues once discontinued use of the birth control pill.

Improves Sperm Quality

Men have hormones too. They also have trauma that can affect their sperm. Car accidents, spin/cycle classes, triathlons, all put stress on male hormones and decrease sperm count, quality and morphology. Heat is a major factor with laptops computers on their thighs and increased use of saunas. A half a degree can make all the difference in having happy fertile sperm.

Increases Blood Flow to Reproductive Organs

Increased blood flow helps boost fertility in a number of ways. Stimulating your ovaries and glads through acupuncture will help your body naturally create healthier viable eggs. It will also help enrich the lining of your uterus which is vital to ensure sperm implantation and that your eggs will be held to full term.

Increases Success of Fertility Treatments

Couples diagnosed with fertility issues are twice as likely to achieve pregnancy using traditional Chinese Medicine. This includes those using ART, such as IUI, IVF, and ICSI. We provide acupuncture and Chinese medicine throughout your fertility treatments. Studies show that doing acupuncture before and after IVF can increase the chance of an embryo being successfully implanted, as well as reduce the chance of miscarriage. Acupuncture provides similar functions as fertility drugs by stimulating the hypothalamus and balancing the endocrine system and hormones to get to the root cause of female and male infertility.

Watch How Acupuncture Supports Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy

Just as the soil has to be fertile for a healthy seed to grow, females must have:

A healthy foundation to conceive a child.

A healthy pregnancy to experience a full term pregnancy.

A healthy pregnancy to have a positive birth outcome.  

Dr. Miller's Fertilty Program includes - acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle support to help cultivate a strong fertile foundation.  

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, or are using the assistance of medications, IVF, IUI or ICSI, Dr. Miller's Chinese medicine Fertilty Program can help:
Improve the reproductive function of your body.
Support and balance hormone metabolism.
Regulate the menstrual cycle.
Increase blood circulation to the ovaries to improve egg quality.
Increase blood circulation to the uterus to allow for increased uterine lining thickness and reduce your body's negative response to stress.  
I Want Dr. Miller's Fertility Program To Be Apart Of My Fertility Journey Now!

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