Dry Eyes? Learn More about Blepharitis and Eyelid Hygiene

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

What is Blepharitis? 

Blepharitis is inflammation that affects the eyelids, particularly the area of the lid where the lashes grow. It is characterized by itchy, inflamed and/or irritated eyelids, and a gritty sensation may occur. It is often a chronic condition that can be better managed though lid hygiene. 


What are the symptoms? 

-Watery Eyes

-Gritty, burning sensation in the eyes

-Red, swollen eyelids

-Flaking of the skin around the eyes

-Loss of eyelashes

-Crusted eyelashes upon waking

-Abnormal eyelash growth (misdirected eyelashes)

-Itchy eyelids

-Greasy looking eyelids


Eyelid treatment: 

Blepharitis is a chronic condition, but good hygiene practices can treat it. Doing daily eyelid cleansing using baby shampoo, along with warm compresses is recommended. 



-When showering, stand under the hot water for 5 minutes with your eyes closed. This acts as a warm compress to loosen the matter from the lid margin. Then, take a cap full of baby shampoo and lather it up on a wash cloth and gently massage and clean the eyelids in a back and forth motion using the diluted baby shampoo. 

-If you prefer to do your hygiene when not in the shower, take a wash cloth and run it under warm tap water, close your eyes and place the warm washcloth on your eyelids for 5 minutes. This acts as a warm compress to loosen the matter from the margin. Then gently clean the eyelids with a cotton ball diluted with baby shampoo and water. 

-If the baby shampoo irritates your eyes, you may use mineral oil or baby oil on the tip of a cotton applicator (Q-tip) and gently massage in a back and forth motion along the base of the eyelids where the eyelashes are. Be sure to do a warm compress first. 


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