Natural Supplements for Pyrrole Disorder

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Pyroluria or pyrrole disorder affects nearly 10% of our population, but it’s a condition that is often missed by general practice providers.

Many times pyrrole disorder can be labeled as an anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar, or other behavioral issues. There is a large number of symptoms associated with pyrrole, a few of the most common include:



-high irritability



-mood swings

-poor stress tolerance




In the most simple terms, pyrrole disorder is when your body creates too many pyrrole molecules. Pyrrole molecules bind with zinc and B6. A healthy person excretes pyrroles in their urine on a daily basis with no problem. Someone with pyrrole disorder excretes too many pyrroles and in turn too much zinc and B6. This is problematic because zinc and B6 are vital for your digestive system, immune function, cognition function, and emotional balance.

There are a number of natural remedies to look into. Supplementing B6 and zinc can suppress the symptoms associated with pyrrole disorder. A number of other supportive nutrients like vitamin C, E, and primrose oil can also be helpful.

The recommended dosage of B6 and zinc for pyroluria is 200-800mg of B6 and 25-100mg of zinc daily. This dosage may be higher or lower based on your assessment. Taking zinc and B6 daily has been shown to greatly improve symptoms of pyrrole disorder.

Here are two of the best B6 and zinc supplements:

Activated Vitamin B6

Reacted Zinc

Other natural treatments include:

-High-quality pro-biotics to help your digestive system and immune function (I recommend Ultra Flora Spectrum)

-Stress management techniques


-Nutritious Diet (variety of vegetables, increase zinc and magnesium-rich foods, avoid red and yellow food dyes)

With proper supplementation, many patients may start to experience relief within several days of treatment. A more substantial recovery could take up to 6 months.

Dr. Albert  Mensah put together some common myths and facts about pyroluria. (More can be found here.)

FACT: Severe stress is a cause of Pyrrole Disorder. Stressful life events or trauma increases associated symptoms and excretion of pyrroles.

MYTH: Omega-3 fatty acids are good for everyone.

FACT: Pyroluric individuals tend to worsen if given fish oils, DHA, EPA, etc. This is due to poor processing of arachidonic acid.

MYTH: Pyrrole Disorder causes thyroid disease.

FACT: Pyrrole molecules, in general, do not cause organic disease. They are in fact reflective markers of oxidative stress caused by organic disorders like thyroid disease, cancer, sickle cell anemia, broken limbs, colds and flus, and emotional turmoil or trauma. Furthermore, correcting pyroluria in these cases will not fix the organic syndrome.

FACT: The symptoms of pyroluria are frequently mistaken for signs of other psychiatric illnesses, mental or behavioral disorders. Misdiagnosis is very common. When an individual is under the care of an experienced physician with appropriate laboratory testing, nutrient therapy treatment can dramatically improve the individual’s symptoms and quality of life.

MYTH: Treatment for Pyrrole Disorder requires a complex of multiple micronutrients.

FACT: Treatment for Pyrrole Disorder requires therapeutic dosages of key micronutrients only.!

Another helpful resource that goes into more depth about how zinc and B6 can prevent pyroluria and social anxiety can be found here.

If you are wondering if you have pyrrole disorder, you can be tested with a simple urine analysis. Direct HealthCare Access II Inc offers quality pyroluria testing. They report actual and calculated results. Click here to learn more about testing.


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